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Finding an HVAC Contractor in Las Vegas

No matter where you live, keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter is a major concern and an HVAC contractor plays a key roll in climate controlled comfort. An HVAC contractor installs, maintains and repairs heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems and related equipment. Choosing the right Las Vegas HVAC contractor to install a new system or inspect or upgrade an existing one can be as important to the systems operation as purchasing the right equipment.

Choosing a reliable Las Vegas HVAC contractor should be a simple process. Unfortunately most people don’t know what to look for when searching for a good contractor to install or service their heating and cooling equipment and that can make finding the right person for the job difficult. You need to find a dependable HVAC contractor that can give you quality installation and dependable follow-up service, whether for a new system or repairs on an existing one.

You Need the Most Reliable Las Vegas HVAC Contractor

If you’re looking for a new installation or upgrade of an older system, a qualified Las Vegas HVAC contractor needs to make a visual inspection of the site or existing system. If any contractor attempts to give you an estimate over the phone without first checking out your project or investigating a problem in person you should avoid doing business with them. They could be more interested in your money than in providing you with quality service.

Determining the square footage of your home or business is a necessary part of calculating its heat-load, so obviously the HVAC contractor will need to make a visual inspection. He can then provide you with a written quote outlining the cost of parts, equipment and labor. When it comes to needing a new system, the Las Vegas HVAC contractor you choose should have a few systems available to meet your needs. Most companies will also offer you a financing plan along with an extended warranty.

If your heating and cooling system isn’t working properly, the Las Vegas HVAC contractor will most likely ask you a series of questions to help locate the problem and provide you with repair or replacement options. Often it’s a matter of an existing unit not properly sized for the structure and a qualified Las Vegas HVAC contractor can recommend new or additional equipment that will meet your home or business needs. Over time you may find that the proper size system will be more energy efficient and therefore more cost effective.

What to Look for in a Qualified Las Vegas HVAC Contractor

It’s also imperative that they carry the proper insurance including workers compensation and that they are bonded to protect you against damages to your home.

Before you hire any Las Vegas HVAC contractor make certain his business address and phone number are listed in the phone book. Having a physical business address is probably a reliable indicator of an established business. Reputable companies should readily provide any necessary contact information. Without an actual address or other contact information, you have no way of knowing the contractor will be around if you need repairs on equipment that is still under warranty.

What equipment of equipment does the Las Vegas HVAC contractor use to make certain that carbon monoxide is not a problem in your home or place of business? How do they handle the recovery of refrigerants to make sure they are properly disposed of and don’t contaminate the air? A qualified HVAC contractor will have an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) license to handle refrigerants.

A Reliable Las Vegas HVAC Contractor can Safeguard Your Investment

You don’t need to accept the first bid that you receive. Ask for bids from several contractors and take the time to make comparisons. If you feel unsure about a specific company or contractor, keep looking for one that you feel is right for the job. Don’t simply accept the lowest bid because it seems like the cheapest offer. Find out how the contractor is able to make such a low bid. Your heating and cooling equipment is no place to cut corners but still you want to spend your money wisely and get the best value.

When it comes time to install, upgrade or repair your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system you want to choose a qualified Las Vegas HVAC contractor. A reliable HVAC contractor will be knowledgeable about his profession and services provided. They will be on time for appointments, or if they have an emergency they will call to let you know. Pride in their company and service should show in the clean and neat appearance of their office and trucks.

Remember that you don’t want the cheapest bid. You should choose the quote that provides you with the best system and service for your money. Heating and air conditioning is a valuable part of your home or business and you need to know that your Las Vegas HVAC contractor will be there when you need him.


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"They were honest. They came out in the morning and fixed one thing because they thought that was the problem, but it wasn't so they came back that night with no service call for the callback to fix what was broken that time. They gave me a credit equal to the first bill for that time. It was $80 for the morning one and they deducted $80 for the evening appointment. One of the two owners worked on it that evening. The motor was the part that went bad. They showed up when they said and took care of the problem. The lady that answered the phone knew her stuff too. I had called them another time and they were ready to come out when I needed them. I never expected them to deduct the $80 off the bill. The unit is still working and I have no problems with them what-so-ever."

"Came home from a vacation to 108 degree heat and noticed that outside fan motor on air conditioner was always running, but thankfully was still cooling house appropriately. I was able to stop fan from running by throwing circuit breaker. The next morning I searched Angie's list for an air conditioner company and after reading about 20 reviews chose Sun Country. Called them around noon and described problem, and said that it was not an emergency because I knew how to stop fan from running. I was told that a repairman would be at the house around six or seven in the evening that day. When I repeated that it was still cooling ok and I could wait until the next day, I was shocked when I was told their servicemen work into the night to try to service every call they get. I was shocked because the firm I called seven years ago when I needed air conditioner service took two days to come look at my air conditioner and four days to fix it. A Sun Country repairman showed up a little after six and had everything repaired in approximately one hour. Incredible service compared to my previous experiences. Will definitely call again for any heating or cooling needs."

"My A/C went out in the middle of the night. Decided to wait until morning to call for service. At 6:30am, called and spoke to Cheryl, who was very polite and understanding. She dispatched Jose to my house almost immediately, and he arrived before 7:30am. He was very professional and seemed honest and explained everything clearly to me. The motor I needed was out of stock, but Sun Country did a great job of hooking up a "rescue unit" so that I could still get A/C until the part I needed came in the following week. I was very happy about this and with some places, I may have just been out of luck. The condenser unit was under warranty, so I only ended up having to pay for labor to install the unit. Overall, outstanding service from this company. I would highly recommend it to others and will use them in the future as the need arises."